Bird Extermination Tips

The law protects many of the birds; however, three bird species are considered pests, pigeons, European starlings, and house sparrows. Still, before taking any measures for the extermination or prevention of any species of birds, first, you should check with the local law. 

There are many ways to deal with the issues caused by these birds; you can use any singular solution or combinations of different methods to save your home or office from droppings.

How to get rid of them?

  • Always keep your trash cans covered.
  • If you have placed food outside for some desirable birds then change the type of food, the food you use must be one hated by the pest birds or, if possible, stop doing it at all. 
  • Don�t provide a place for the pest birds to roost by using spikes or sticky glues.
  • If trees are connected with structures, trim then, and if you see a place that is desirable for the pest birds to roost on, eliminate them
  • Reduce or Eliminate the standing water where pest birds can access and feed themselves. E.g., clean gutters to prevent the problem    
  • Remove the Seal opening or caulk through which sparrows or starlings can enter.
  • Block any openings in the vents and lofts plywood or any other material, or you can use netting.

Bird Control Products


To reduce the roosting and bird landings at the ledges by using some products such as sticky, non-toxic repellents to keep those areas off-limits for the pest birds. However, these products required to be reapplied and refreshed regularly. 


To close the area under the rafters, which can be a place for nesting and roosting for pest birds. Mesh is the solution to do that.

Porcupine Wire 

The area where pest birds roost or nest can be installed with spiky wires to keep pest birds away from those areas, but this also requires some maintenance regularly as twigs and some other material can damage the effectiveness of wires. 


If desirable and pest birds visit your place, and you only want to target the pest birds, than live traps can be a good option. As the bird will be stuck inside, and if the bird is not among the pest birds, it can be released quickly. If it is a pest bird, then it should be exterminated as humanely as possible, because if released, birds can find their way back from 50 miles. Traps that serve this purpose are; automated or trigger activated, funnel traps, nest boxes, and decoys.

Nest Removal and Shooting 

Regularly removing the nests can affect the pest bird population, especially sparrows. To deal with the issue on a massive level, flock reduction or dispersal is possible by shooting, and of course, before doing that, check with the authorities first.

Some Non-Working Products

Many products claim to work to prevent this problem, but actually, they don't such as fake owls, plastic snakes, balloons, etc. they work for a short time then these things don't scare the birds anymore, so they start roosting again

DIY birds control traps measures can also be beneficial, but it very difficult to come up with something that doesn�t violate any federal, state, or local regulations.

There are some other products, which are flashing, and sound devices; they seem to work if their direction or locations are changed regularly.

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